Racing the World

After touring for two successful months in Europe with our Challenge Galway, Challenge Roth new post-race tours to Prague and Salzburg then winding up our summer at the Tour de France, we're more grateful than ever to be doing what we love: serving the needs of our athletes and their families, introducing them to new races, places and faces. 

We return with more knowledge, more practical travel tips, and memories that can only be made when you pack your 49.9-pound piece of luggage and get that passport stamped. And stamped. And stamped. 

We have a series of posts coming soon that will break down every new thing we learned this summer, with the hope that it will inspire you to travel, make your own trips smoother, and encourage you to seek that view you've never seen before but have always day-dreamed about. 

In our experience, watching RaceQuest travelers take that big leap of faith to race or train with us in a different place, a different country, continent, or hemisphere never gets old. We see time and again how what unites us as athletes and human beings is a special bond that knows no nationality. It doesn't require us to be "fluent" but rather willing. Willing to translate dreams into goals, to make actionable plans, to take that leap into the unfamiliar. 

This video from DATEV Challenge Roth 2016 captures (almost) the strength and emotion that can carry you like a wave to the finish line of your dreams.

Make this the year you throw off the bow lines and set sail for something new. Maybe it's a fun training camp (and beach!) in Costa Rica, maybe it's the lure of storybook race courses in Ireland, Amsterdam, Iceland, or Italy. Or maybe it's the palpable energy from 260,000 screaming triathlon fans at Challenge Roth. (You hear them before you see them!) 

No matter the goals, we are always honored when we are there to see them achieved.

-Krista, Kelli, Scott and the entire RaceQuest Travel Team