Coastal Challenge Rainforest Expedition Run

February 11-18, 2018


Are you ready to experience one of the most difficult, demanding and breathtakingly spectacular races of your life? As one of the official race tour providers, RaceQuest Travel is once again partnering with The Coastal Challenge to bring you an epic ultra-marathon stage race that will celebrate its 14th Anniversary in 2018.

Official Race Tour Partner

Entries into this sought-after event are limited and go quickly. We've posted just a taste of what you can expect at this amazing race.

Be part of our team! Scroll below for details, call us at 855-TRAV-NOW with any question, and reserve your space for the 2018 edition.

The Coastal Challenge was one of the most well-run, fun and engaging races I’ve ever done... the Coastal Challenge takes the most fun parts of the on-foot sections you’d find in a race like the Eco-challenge and Primal Quest and puts them into a stage format.

This isn’t just another ultra run either. The race director and course setters truly care about the enjoyment level of the racers and the uniqueness of the adventure that they provide...

Please create some more races just like this in some of the other coolest places on earth! We’ll be there!!
— Robyn Benincasa, Adventure Racing Legend

Join the RaceQuest Team! 

Known locally as "The Rainforest Run," TCC is a stage race running along Costa Rica's lush and tropical Pacific coastline. Weaving in and out of the Talamancas - a coastal mountain range spread across the southwest corner of the country - the race requires a demanding 236km over six days. 

 Photo: (C) 2017 The Coastal Challenge

Photo: (C) 2017 The Coastal Challenge

Part jungle, trail and alpine race, TCC is an assault course of topography. Up mountain, through rainforest, down dirt tracks and following trails over ridges, highlands and coastal ranges, the Costa Rica Coastal Challenge is bursting with a variety of terrain. We will run along gorgeous beaches, past reefs, wade through tantalizingly clear river estuaries and up and over barren rocky outcrops until we reach a Unesco World Heritage site, the Corcovado National Park. Here we will be rewarded with an experience of what is considered one of the world's premier rainforests.

Take a moment to allow yourself to be transported to a place so vivid with color - brilliant bright greens and rich browns - running past a cascading waterfall at sunrise; hopping rocks across a ravine to follow a trail through wide-open country fields down to the pristine, champagne-colored sandy beach beyond. The rhythm of your breath may usually fill your ears, but here in Costa Rica it will be eclipsed by the chorus of thousands of creatures; insects, birds, butterflies - the vibrant buzz of life. If you think running 236km is pushing your limit, you will be surprised.

Our RaceQuest Team Options: Expedition or Adventure

The RaceQuest Coastal Challenge Team is open to individuals and teams of individuals, amateur and professional runners, but unlike any other ultra-marathon, the Coastal Challenge offers you a choice of the Expedition or Adventure category. 

Expedition Athletes: 236km

Want to run hard and fast? The Expedition category is a true test for the more experienced runner. It's the full challenge of 236km over the course of 6 days. Run it solo, or with partners.

Adventure Athletes: 125km

Want to experience the flavor of the race, with about half the mileage? Choose our Adventure category! You can run solo or as part of our team, and be challenged by the landscape of one of the most magical and inaccessible places in the world. The Adventure category encompasses approximately 125km over 6 days.

Let us know which race you want to join, and we will accommodate!

7-Night Race Tour Details

Expedition Race Structure

The TCC is an ‘ultra’ run in six days over a course of 236km. As an example of what lies beyond the starting line, the longest single stage in 2013 was 52.5 km. Typical distances are broken down as follows:

Day 1 - 33.5 km (+ 850 m ascent)

Day 2 - 39 km (+ 2,250 m ascent)

Day 3 – 52.5 km (+ 2,450 m ascent)

Day 4 - 37.5 km (+ 2,950 m ascent)

Day 5 - 47.5 km (+ 1,450 m ascent)

Day 6 – 23.7 km (+ 450 m ascent)

The actual routes and formats change every year. The Race Director and his team spend a month meticulously planning routes that are made public prior to the event start. RaceQuest Travel will work closely with each client to share route details, maps, and provide you with appropriate preparation documents.

Camp - What's it like?

During the race, you will camp each night in locations that are comfortable, private and very scenic. Camps are typically located on a beautiful secluded beach, a sprawling private property or a town soccer field. Finally, your last night will be spent at a beachfront resort in Bahia Salinas. The camps are set up to create a community atmosphere with tents and hammocks sequestered away from the noise and activity of the kitchen, dining and social areas. 

There is a lively social atmosphere every night including a slideshow of the day's run as well as a race briefing of the next day's course. Locals will describe the course terrain as well as the flora and fauna you will experience. 

The kitchen provides a movable feast, serving plenty of delicious hot food, fresh local fruit and vegetables, great snacks and lots of liquids to replenish you. All meals are provided in a dining area with tables and chairs, as well as a covered tent if needed. Local vendors may set up stands selling local food and goods.


Massages are available along with any medical assistance.


Power will be available at each camp, for the charging of cameras, race watches, laptops and mobile phones. 


Each stage will have toilet facilities. Depending on the stage, you may be able to shower at the local school, within the town, or we will build our own environmentally responsible and clean privies and outdoor showers. These will be rustic "Tico" style showers. 


You'll  need to bring your own tent, although teams of 3 or more may rent a 6-8 person tent which camp staff will erect for you each day. We will place all action packers (hard case storage bins) next to your tents. The fee per person is $350 for a private tent furnished by TCC. Add this at check-out. 


Mosquitoes are not usually something that we hear any complaints about, but it really depends on your individual body chemistry and where you find yourself along the route. Mosquitoes and "No-See-Ems" do exist and we recommend you bring repellent or Mosquito netting at night just in case. It often depends on the weather, the amount of moisture or recent rainfall in the area and your body chemistry. We're in the jungle and rain forest much of the time. Come prepared. 


You may see small markets on route or in towns that have shops selling basic items. Larger stores are located in San Jose. Endeavor to fly in with everything your need for your race. 


Every morning you will awaken to the smell of a savory hot breakfast ready to be served with fresh local fruit and juices as well as plenty of piping hot Costa Rican coffee. Aid stations at regular intervals on the course offer water, electrolyte drinks and plenty of fresh local fruit and race type snack food. Where possible, you may enjoy the luxury of a refreshingly cold drink. Dinner is a multi-course of hot entrees along with fresh salad, local fruit, more liquids and coffee as well as several options for your sweet tooth. Cold beer and Coca-Cola may be on offer where possible. A meal schedule will be in the race guide and posted in camp. The kitchen area will only close for a period of a few hours each afternoon.


The quality of the water in Costa Rica is overseen by a government agency and tap water is clean and safe to drink. Consequently, there have been no water related health issues in the many years of running the event. 

Aid Stations

There will be aid stations with water, fruit and snacks. We recommend traveling with snacks that you prefer in case there isn't something that you desire at the next station. We require you to carry water and whatever food you think you may need to get to the next aid station. Aid stations are generally set up every 12-18 km apart, depending on the length of the leg. Cold drinks may be available at some aid stations. 


We'll help provide suggestions for best-priced airline tickets. Contact us!

Fly into San Jose, airport code SJO – Juan Santamaria International Airport


We'll help coordinate your hotel bookings for the night of February 9 and 10 (pre-race), and after the race ends. We base at the race host hotel for your convenience - the Best Western Irazu. Pre-race registration, reception, and athlete briefings will be held here.

Pricing and Booking Notes

Expedition Run - 236km Stage Race $2,450.00

Adventure Run - 125km Stage Race $2,450.00

Companion Program - $1,900.00

Add-On at Checkout: Tent Rental (Private) - $350.00 for the week

To reserve your place on our team for 2018, a $1,000 deposit is now being accepted.  (Please note that there is a 3% transaction fee added to your deposit.) Balance is collected in full on December 31, 2017.